Images of Jesus

Images of Jesus came to us from the distant past they,were passed down from generation to generation so that today we know and have an idea about Jesus and how Jesus used the image of the icon for that to mentally and emotionally He’s always been with us during our prayers, we often admire icon and emotionally and mentally completely surrender ourselves to God!
Images of Jesus, and not only him but also of other saints began to write more in their life but to bring us out of the hands,light images of the saints today, I think there are icons in every home where he lives a Christian and every Christian church,we light candles in front of icons of the saints, and that we express our devotion and love!
Icons for the usually allotted separate seats in the homes of these places are also called holy because the person withdraws from God,prayer requests to Him and grace, icon is also a major attribute of the Christian churches and came to the church holy icons create a spiritual atmosphere!
The Christian world is also a great believer in the miraculous icon,then they can help in many ways but of course any help from God and he will help with the icons or other means he still helps nasch God, and God Almighty!
There are so many images of Jesus but the basic concept of all is one and we can create a impression of what he is our Savior, our King, our God , and so we always have a home and many with him to our car at work,Images Jesus and other saints in the belief that they will always protect us but certainly not enough to have icons,required firm faith and only a miracle can,only when we believe we are saved our faith and helps us to faith, and if not then the whole house can even arrange icons it will not matter because without faith it is impossible to do without faith,icons,a miraculous icon of the faith, without no!
My friends look at your soul and if your faith is not strong enough to do everything to strengthen it in ourselves and not only in itself but also in your near ,go to church,talk to the priest and do everything so that your faith is not shaken as the most important thing,take care of each other and also never use icons or anything for personal gain is,a sin, Be truthful and compassionate to one another because God is merciful to all!
In the Name of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit, Amen,!