Help me God

Help me, God, the words we repeat often when it is difficult or when we need something, we ask for help from God and pray to him, but we often forget that God should pray always and not just when it is difficult.
God created man and loved him, and always willing to help, God gave for the salvation of humanity and their only son on the basis of this is hard to understand how much God loves us, He wants us to always be good but unfortunately humanity often suffers and goes against the will of God and it hurt him, God did for us, He gave us life, feelings, to understand and love the opportunity to enjoy life and humanity to use all that bad, and many began to sin and turn away from God, God does not want and does not want to harm us because he is our creator loves us.
Our prayers are always reach God if we pray to Him with all your heart, most often we pray for the salvation and healing, prayers for healing every day reach up to God and he helps us, helps doctors who treat and heal those for whom we pray, and all that happens in our life is given by God and is His will, God gave mankind the ability to choose between the kingdom of God and Satan, and every person chooses his own way but God is always there and always helps us and Satan is always trying to make us sick and bad but unfortunately not Despite this, there are people who can not see the truth and without knowing it goes to the death that awaits going to Satan.
When a person prays to God he knows and believes that God will help him, God is goodness and mercy, the love and warmth, and nothing is possible without God, if in your heart God lives and if your heart is open to him, then you will find salvation from eternal death and suffering and gain eternal life that only God can give, Jesus is teaching us to love God, he always said, what I do is from the Father, God sent him to earth so He informed the people about God and help people to find truth and gave his life for our sins, it shows once again how great the love of God and Jesus, everyone should know it’s not enough just to pray to God and then keep a sinful life, you need to get back on the path of the true and let God into your life in your heart and then each difference Feel your heart will be filled with warmth and faith, and in the end the way God will accept you into his kingdom, and you will be given eternal life in a heavenly kingdom of God!
My friends pray for the salvation of their souls, for healing and for the kingdom of God, praise God and glorify Him because He saved and the way to eternal life, He love and healing and may He always in your hearts! In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!