Understanding of happiness for all people is different, for some happiness is a lot of money and wealth, for some it’s high position at work, for some happiness is family, but most importantly happiness in life is God and the heart of where it is.
God in human life and happiness is the main religion, when the heart is living faith in God, and God is close to the person it is the most important thing for a Christian to happiness, because every Christian thing in life is his religion, his faith and the most important place in the life of Christian takes God and the love of God, because God created the world and if only he is not nothing would have happened, would not be life on earth would not be all that we see around us, we would not know what love is, what heat, there would be nature and all that surrounds us, God created all this for us, God invented happiness and gave it to man in order that he might enjoy it, happiness is only in humans and we have to thank God for what it is that we can be happy for what we love, we can have a family, we have friends, it’s all a gift of God.
In order to be happy enough to let God into your heart and God will show you the right path to happiness, God will always help you find the happiness in the world where it is very difficult to do, happiness is a family which addition to all Christian traditions, these are good friends, is the belief heart, and the God who leads you on the right path at the end of which you’ll get the highest award for correctly lived life.
Money and wealth is not happiness, because it is the whole time and at any time can be completed, no matter how much money a person may be, they can not replace him God, money, wealth, position, bright life, it is all the components that will not let that ever that can give you God, Almighty God and everything on earth and in heaven is subject only to God, and everything else in life is not no happiness value.Hapiness feeling person visits often, when he pleased, when he successfully but it turns out that the greatest happiness in human life is God and what God is always there and always with us.
My dear friends, to pursue happiness in life but always combine this happiness with God because there is nothing more important in life than God and the love of God in your heart, if God is with you that life is good and you will always be happy, faith, and love is the greatest happiness in life, if you are happy then always remember that happiness brings God and thank God for your happiness, happiness is not to look for, it will find you if you accept God into your heart, it is a huge grace, be happy.
Yes, God bless you!