Grace of God

God’s grace is very great and the good to person when a person prays to God, and God help him this grace of God, God shows mercy to all who truly believe and serve God with all your heart and soul, God’s grace is given to anyone who asks and believes in God. All that is in humanity is the grace of God, but he gives and gives us something that makes our life beautiful, which helps us to live that makes us happy. People often pray to God and ask for mercy and then asking for help from God, the people pray for the recovery of patients, for their children, for their parents, relatives and friends and even for other people who need God’s help and grace of God, and God shows his mercy to all whom live in faith and love for God, faith saves man and grants him the grace of God.
Often when a person is difficult, he said it is in a desperate situation, he suddenly finds out and help, it is the grace of God, God sends us help often through other people, and if someone has something we suddenly helps is the grace of God and we should be grateful, sometimes people coming out of a very difficult situation or solve a difficult problem wonders how he did it and how it happened, remember, God is always there and is helping those who deserve it and if you’ve got something you thank God for it, and remember that God helps you.
God always shows mercy to those who believe in him and who live according to his beliefs and does not do evil, who show love to others, who does not sin and does not violate the laws of God, God is always gracious and always with you just everyone should be God in the heart and have a heart to love and faith. Everyone should know that God is good and promotes love, faith and friendship, God values in a person the ability to forgive and to do good works, the ability to have the will and resist evil, to resist sin, God gives each person a chance to correct his life and shows him that well and what is wrong, the Holy Bible and Jesus teach us the good life, and so that the mercy of God is always with us and that faith and life is the right way to the kingdom of God, and eternal life in heaven, but to get to do this right to live in this life and be worthy of mercy God and his praise.
Nearness to God is faith and prayer, when a person prays to God in faith and ask for mercy, God always sends it to him because God always sees who pray sincerely with faith, God’s grace is given to anyone who is clean in your life to God and faithful to Him, is there is something more beautiful and more than the service of God and His grace? Of course not, God’s grace is the biggest event for the man is a great honor and spiritual achievement.
My dear friends, remember God and Jesus is always with you, they will always send you the favor, even sometimes so you would not expect, they always help a person who needs help, and whose soul is pure, God always gives His grace that helps people on the difficult life way, gives strength and power to live and overcome difficulties. Be faithful to God, always open their hearts to God and Jesus for the grace of God and your life will be beautiful and bright.
Yes, God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!