Good path to God

Doeth good is on the way of Jesus, Jesus was always doing good and good is always associated with his name, during the time of Jesus healed the sick, help the needy, to protect those who could not himself himself protected and all that He has done in the name of God, God gave Jesus power and power, and Jesus used this power for the good of the people, he raised the dead, gave light and becomes blind to the feet of those who could not walk, for the life He has done more good than all of humanity in its history.
Welcome to the life of a person is very important, people who do good is very loved by God because the good is what God has commanded us, doing good is a sacred thing and everyone who does good will be rewarded and praised God for it.,, Give and you will be given,, so bequeathed to us by God, it is said that when you help a person and do good is this stuff going on in the name of God, and that you glorify God, God helps people with you and you made the good is sent by God’s grace.
The world is always good and evil overcomes good, because it is from God, God has commanded us to reject evil and never store it in the heart, because evil always encourages people to sin and do things displeasing to God, and thus produces more evil and good always produce a good, even if to do good evil man, he will think about it and see that good always wins. Unfortunately in our world there are many man-made evil, many people who create the evil and this is very bad, if everyone is doing good and banish evil from his soul then imagine what that world will, it will be cozy and clean, warm and wonderful because I did not will be wars, murders, no quarrels and betrayals, and finally left the world of evil and Satan will leave mankind alone, but first, humanity must overcome the evil in their hearts, in their souls, in their understanding.
The believer is always striving to do good, because faith is strong and if it is true will never allow evil dwell in your heart, so faith in God is very important, if God is in your heart, that evil can never beat you, God will always protect your soul from evil and accept God the soul never will create evil, the soul in which God lives and faith always does only good.
My friends, be sure before you do anything, or make some sort of act first, think what God thinks about it, you want it to God, whether you are doing and what motivates you, if you feel that you have in mind then stop doing wrong, Defeat evil in itself, be strong and reinforce a belief in God and all will be well, because if you win every evil in itself it will disappear forever from our lives, think about it,
Yes, God bless you!