God’s commandments

God gave us 10 commandments for us to know what you can do in life and what you can not do, so that people are aware of the values of life and of sin.God’s commandments clearly explain to us as a god to distribute this life, and that is a sin and what is not, if each person will live by these commandments, and do them then life on earth will change dramatically for the better, the world will be cozy and everyone will feel saved.Commandments of God teaches us not to steal, not to kill, not to envy, not to change, not to hate not avenge, not to do evil, teach us to love our neighbors and our enemies, teach us to give love and warmth, and help those in need, teach us how to make our life on earth is as beautiful as the right to live life to the end to be worthy of God’s grace and eternal life in His kingdom.
God gave us the commandments through Moses in order that they may come to us and let people know what God wants from them that God loves them and wants the good to all of us because we are His creation in the Bible it says that God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses, ,,Sinai was in the fire, wrapped in thick smoke, the earth shook, thunder, lightning shone, and the noise of the raging elements, covering it, heard the voice of God, pronounced commandments, after that God has inscribed the commandments but two stone tablets and gave them to Moses,, when Moses came down from the mountain, he saw the people who forgot about God and danced around the golden calf, he became very angry and broke stones with the commandments, after the people repented of their deeds God told Moses to bring two tables for re-writing of the commandments.
The commandments of God also says that God is the only one and that there is no God but him and worship any other gods is a sin and idolatry, that we should respect our parents, we can not lie to you, you can not wish for anything bad to whom the commandments teach us the correct and clean living for so we are in the journey to the kingdom of God is not gone astray and followed in the footsteps of Jesus in the eternal kingdom of God, God has given us commandments that we always remember that there is a sin, and he can not resist.
My dear friends, keep the commandments of God, for in them the meaning of life and the key to the kingdom of God, the commandments of God will lead us to the gates of paradise, observing and listening to the word of God, we give our heart and our soul to God and walk in the footsteps of Jesus because Jesus gave his life for Heavenly Father and for us and we have to follow in his footsteps to the celestial kingdom of God, because life on earth is only temporary.