God the creator of the world

Everything we see around us, all of what we breathe, all that we love and how carried away, still as we are a creation of God. God created our world and people, created nature and animals, rivers of lakes, seas and oceans, the sky and the earth, created everything that surrounds us, and made us the people so that we have filled this world multiplied and every one of us for the good and love, joy and warmth, he created all the conditions for life and waited for them to just one, Honesty, honor, respect, and obedience, God created the world for their children, for the people whom He had created and made them all, gave them a sense that no one else except the person God made man intelligent and strong, and gave him the mind and the ability to live, the ability to love, the ability to choose and learn, the ability to understand and feel that God wants people to live in peace and harmony for people to love each other and help each other, to avoid evil and envy, revenge and crime all around was filled with warmth and love that people watched and cared for, protected and developed a life in the world that God gave them.
Unfortunately, many people have gone astray and fall short of God, many people have abused the fact that God has given only for the good, the people began to show jealousy of one’s neighbor, the neighbor, and the other just for the other person, because of the envy of people began do bad and sinful deeds because she envy it a sin, and of course every act prompted by envy is itself sinful act, people began to lose control of themselves and create a terrible sin, the world began to terrible things happen, and many people have forgotten who actually gave them life and who created all around, they forgot about God, forget about the penalty for sin, forget about everything, they were so covered with sin and Satan, which may even kill the man take his life which God hath given, and only God can decide when to take it away, Many people put themselves above all completely forgotten about the existence of God, and that severe punishment that awaits them in the Great Court. Terrible and irreparable crime that began to create people led to the anger of God, and many without even realizing today are responsible for their sins. God teaches us the right path and those who follow this path are blessed, those who follow the path of God and Jesus to be taken in the kingdom of God and receive eternal life in the kingdom of God and Jesus, and those who live a sinful life and forget about God and think that all this will continue as always to get into God’s court where they will answer for their actions before God. God gave them all and each person chooses their own destiny, and when he will appear before the judgment of God he will be held accountable for their sins before God. Imagine how wonderful the world would be without sin and evil, as is comfortable to live in it, as much beauty in this world of sin and how it corrupts.
My dear friends, always struggle with sin, where you have not met him, sin is the main enemy of mankind, the main enemy of the world, our world was created for love and God created it so long as we live earthly life we lived beautifully and with love in your heart to then move on to the spiritual life in the kingdom of God, we must take care of our world from sin, there are many people who have lost the true path and fill the world with sin and sinners do other pushing them to the right path but we must always preach the kingdom of God, to preach the Word of God and try to many people as possible to return to the right way to prevent sin evolve in our world. Always be true to God and listen to His Word, remember the teachings of Jesus and always try to live as He lived on earth, Jesus, and God is always with us, they love us and will always help us, never give in to sin and be always faithful to God and Jesus so help you God?
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!