God Loving

God Loving.

God Loving.

“God is love”. (The Holy Bible, 1 John 4: 8)

This is a quality that God loves humans and wants only good for him. Whatever man, God still loved him. Why? For what? Simply it is the nature of God. God is love.

But then comes the question:

How can God be both Holy Judge, condemning people to death in hell, and at the same time loving them, wanting them only good?

If God loves the people, he should forgive them and not condemn. But if he just forgive them, he will cease to be a fair judge. According to fairness because sin, evil must be punished. If the same God as holy an unbiased judge still condemn people, how then will manifest his love, because all the people then die.

What do I do? How to resolve this contradiction?

There is a story about how the judge lived in the same town, which is respected for his integrity and fairness with which he has handed down its verdicts for many years. Then one day something happened that to him on the Court led to his own son. He committed a crime for which the law was punished by imprisonment for a term of 1 year or pay a huge penalty. All present were in awe, as will be the judge. On the one hand it was his own son, whom he loves, and does not like to put him in jail. But on the other hand it was a law under which he was judged. Otherwise he would have ceased to be impartial judge, he knew the surrounding till this time. It was a difficult choice between love and justice. But he had it done.

And here ended the hearing, and was approached by the time of sentencing. In the Hall there was silence. After a pause, the judge even, but a slightly trembling voice said: “Condemned to deprivation of liberty for a term of 1 year or a fine in the amount of such-and-such”. Everyone knew that the son, of course, such money was not, therefore, it inevitably faced prison. But after the judge read out the verdict, he stood up, took off his robe and walked over to where he stood. Then he took out his wallet and wrote out a cheque for the amount to cover the penalty announced. Thus, he took over the conviction, which he handed down to his son. As a judge he remained impartial and fair, and as a father he was loving and mercyng his son. However, it cost him a very big sacrifices.