God is always with you

God is invisible to humans but always, every minute he’s around helps a person when it is difficult, and when he needs help. People often turn to God in prayer, and God always hears the prayers of the person if they are sincere and from the heart. Despite the fact that a man can not see God, he should feel it in your heart, in your life, all that is beautiful that one sees around himself testifies of God and His glory. God gave man the beauty of the world, all the sentiments and the opportunity to live on the land and prove their faith and that to have eternal life in the heavenly kingdom of God. When sin and immoral lives of people crossed all limits God has sent down His only Son Jesus for that to Jesus atoned for the sins of men, and thereby saved them, Jesus taught people the good life and witness of God performed miracles in God’s name but in spite of this people they crucified him on the cross and that Jesus atoned for our sins and gave them life. Jesus and God love us, they have done and are doing everything to ensure that humanity has realized that life on earth is not eternal, and that only in heaven in God’s kingdom is given eternal life, and that in order to get that person should know when life on earth and to take the truth of the Word of God.
God is always with us but people often do not notice, often a person takes care of God for the accident but there are no coincidences, everything that happens in the life of a person prescribed in advance, sometimes when a man’s life there comes the difficult time he remembers God and only prays and asks help of God must always remember to pray always and not just when life sends trudnosti.Lyubov to God and Jesus must always be the most important place in human life because without faith and love can not feel the presence of God in my life, it is enough to look back around and look at the beauty of the world and once it becomes clear how much God loves mankind, how beautiful the world is when there will be no sin and evil. God always takes care of people and always helpful, he always points to the true path of man and teaches how to live, the Holy Bible gives man the knowledge of what can and what can not, about how God and Jesus love us and the importance of faith in one’s life. At all times, God sent people to sign and send to people to be able to define and understand how to live and how to get the blessing of God, some people just ignore all the evidence and signs that God sends to them and that they ignore God to make a huge sin. Each person must contribute to the spread of truth and the Word of God, each person should try to return to the right path many people as possible, we need to help lost in this life, and descended from the true way to know the truth, to communicate the Word of God to explain each and every who have lost God in this zhini that God is always there, that God is always with us, we should try to show the right path to those who lost it and show them the choice between good and bad and then everyone will choose their way.
My friends, always remember that God and Jesus with you, they love you, if you see that someone has lost the true way to try to show him the truth, and given a choice between the path of sin and path by God, spread the love and faith, always and everywhere, pray to God and thank Him for all that He gives us, never hold the soul of evil, God does not love evil, God teaches us to do only good and to give love to each other because He gives us infinite love and we need to share that love with each other, remember that God and Jesus is always with us, they love us, and that with faith,we can win with love of God and defeat evil!
God bless you!