God Helping

In life there are many and they are all miracles of God, people often overlook the wonders and often overlooked. Miracle can happen anywhere, anytime the main thing that the human heart was sincere faith and then miracles are possible. Often severely ill people recover and this is a miracle from God, there are times when a person thinks that he was in a desperate situation, but suddenly finds a way and it is also a God-given miracle. God and Jesus to help us, always and everywhere, even if we do not see all the good things given by God and comes from God and Jesus.
Sometimes we get to help people we do not even know on the street, in transport and in other places, is unfamiliar people are giving us a different help, all sent by God, and God sent Jesus to help us through other people, they send us their in order to help us when we need it and it is not by chance, God and Jesus always know when we need help, and send it to us. We always have to thank the people who assist us because gratitude is an important sense, we have to thank God and Jesus for all that they give us, and for which they are sending to us.
People always have to believe in God and in His care for God and Jesus will never leave the man without help, they know when a person needs help, and it was then sent it to him. Faith always saves a person and gives strength and emu is faith gives him God’s help. Lost in thought, how can anything in life to be random? Can a chance to come help or somebody to help you by chance? Of course not, because in all the will of God, and everything happens by the will of the Almighty, so everyone should know that God is always there and that faith in God can work miracles. Today, when the world is full of evil and hate the person needs help of God, it is to have faith and spiritual purity.
Life and human existence is totally dependent on God and God rules the life of man and God’s help is very important for a person without a man simply can not exist. God and His grace is always present in a person’s life, if a person’s faith is strong and he has the heart of God, God always blesses him and assists him in life, going on the right path comes to the gates of the kingdom of God and go to heaven.
My dear friends, appreciate the help of God and always know that God and Jesus together and never in doubt, they are close even when you do not imagine they are close and always help you when you have trouble, the main trust and sincere love of God and Jesus and walk on the right path obeying the Word of God and obedience to Jesus and God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!