God does not need a miracle-God is a miracle!

God does not need a miracle-it is a miracle!

Faith is the power of possibilities which belief, there is no limit to the invincible feeling, which does not need to prove, this is what distinguishes faith from knowledge.
When a Christian begins to look for a miracle for strengthening faith when faith becomes weak. Between science and religion, there are multilateral dependence, many scientists are trying to explain the Christian miracles, some come, some not, and because of this ongoing dispute continues. Some people believe that miracles explained scientists reduce the trust in God, but the main thing is that faith does not need evidence that faith should come from the heart, miracle may not be probable or improbable, on every question to which you are trying to answer scientists remains at least one more question “why?”, the answer is God, God is the answer to all our questions. Every Christian has one answer to the question “why?” because this is the will of God. If we remember the life of Jesus we see that there were many wonderful things, but God could not do more? Would God couldn’t make more miracles to more people believed in him? Of course he could, but he had not done so, not entered because the true faith does not need proof. The feelings would not be a divine power, it would become a figment of human imagination.
When we see that someone is very difficult, whether we start to think, “why does God allow this” this is a mistake, because God is love, our heavenly father who always knows what is best for his children and always sends us the temptations that need our souls, even if we are very difficult to understand. Therefore, we must pray and try all issues see the Divine ray of light and hope and love we should go by that beam!