Follow Jesus

Follow Jesus is the most sacred and the most important thing in life! Jesus is the savior of all mankind, he was sent by God into the world to atone for our sins and the salvation of our life, all his earthly life Jesus devoted good and for many in those days were awarded good to follow Jesus.
Many at the time rejected Jesus despite the fact that he always brought kindness and love, healing the sick and helping the needy, raised the dead, and many were pleased and happy to follow Jesus.On taught and preached everywhere, and urged people to repent and follow him and get God’s forgiveness.
Jesus always taught that people should love and forgive even their enemies, in their sermons Jesus said that the most important thing in the life of faith, and only faith and true repentance is salvation, Jesus knew that he would be tormented and crucified on the cross but he never thought to abdicate from its mission which God gave unto him, his faith and love for God is so strong that he gave himself to the command of God and for the love of God and to us.
Despite all the good works that he made people betrayed him and subjected him to torture and crucified on the cross, then God raised him, and took unto him in heaven and now he sits next to God and watching us, and today Jesus tries to show us the right path so that iy to follow Jesus and come to eternal life, He is always there even though we do not see him, he always helps us in difficult times when our faith is strong.
Today, the Holy Bible and the Church teach us to follow Jesus and to follow the path of God, it is very important in everyone’s life, the Bible teaches us that we must reject sin and evil, repent of their sins with all my heart, to accept God into your heart and follow Jesus on the path that leads to eternal life in heaven with Jesus and God.
Unfortunately, many people today as well as in ancient times, reject Jesus but they do not understand and do not understand what they are doing, but when it is too late to change their mind and accept the word of God, above all to strengthen their faith and to reject sin, not only live an earthly pleasure because this is temporary and the kingdom of God and Jesus is eternal and infinite.
My friends, everyone should come to their senses and begin to live by the word of God, faith and let God into their lives, og and Jesus love us and want our life to be happy and there in the infinite sky where there is good and justice, where there is no sickness and death, no old age and pain, no envy and anger, in the kingdom of God, where there is always love, warmth, and justice, to get there you need to take the word of God and to follow Jesus, we hope that you will think about it and make the right choice and let God bless you!