Feast of life, a feast for us!

Life is a feast and a gift that God gave everyone a feast of love, kindness and understanding, a feast for everyone, and during this festival which is called the life of a man modet do good, enjoy the happiness, helping others and making a lot of good getting pleasure from it and praise God, because any good thing is fun not only to who we help and we ourselves!
Feast of life means that we do good deeds during our lives and make a feast for the other, because any aid to the needy is a feast for the need of assistance when people help each other to God rejoices because He created man and above all what he wants is so people are nice and warm towards each other!
Unfortunately in today’s world a lot of evil and evil is a feast of life interrupts and stops him, many people do evil without even knowing what it is they themselves, not realizing that they are angry that the Heavenly Father and keep away from him, destroying the evil of humanity, destroying lives and feast of life, and people who do evil do not even think about what the punishment for evil deeds committed by them while waiting for judgment day when we all stand before God!
God has given life as a feast for everyone and no one has the right to stop this feast and make it evil and those who dare to do so will be responsible before God, is always good begets good and so good rescues and helps when people do good things in life, God always forgive him if he made a mistake somewhere, and repented, never too late to repent, really important to realize their error and repent, and God gave forgiveness, but if a person does evil and do not regret it and do not want to repent and continues to do evil deeds deliberately that person will be responsible for their actions before God!
God is generous and kind and He loves us all, He created us, gave us a feast of life, a holiday for all and only what He requires is obedience, and we all need to hear the word of God and follow him, and then God gives us eternal feast, eternal life in His kingdom with Him and Jesus!
My friends, come to your senses all the while there is time, it is too late and did not spoil the holiday for yourself, enjoy the gift of God and live according to the word of God, stand in the way of true authority, and be used closer to God!
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen