Faith that saves lives

When a person has faith that he can do everything, faith strengthens confidence and brings a person closer to God, faith and the miracle of faith saves and gives strength in any situation, if we pray to God with faith in the heart that God hears our prayers and helps us, Jesus teaches us that faith in God is the main thing that should be in man, for when faith is strong and that man is strong.
God holds out his hand to us when we believe in him, and if we just recite a prayer without faith in the heart of what it means that we are doing this only to show others that we are praying, but God does not want exponential prayer, God wishes to see faith in the heart of each of us, God wants so we let him into our hearts and went on his way, God wants our faith kept us on the right and true path to God’s kingdom where we will have eternal life, God has done enough for us so we believe in Him, He created us, created all that we see around us, the ground water, plants, animals, and any and all that we see is from God, our life is created by God, He has given us the ability to live, to feel, to love, life and radovatsya For all this we have to thank the creator.
Unfortunately some people, faith in God is strong, people do not want to open their eyes and see the truth, they live only earthly pleasures and satisfaction only earthly life, they do not tend to be closer to God, do not seek to earn the grace of God and become eligible to enter into His kingdom where He, Jesus grant eternal life, people do not want to change the earthly pleasures on the narrow path leading to the realm of God, but they do not understand that this is all just temporary, and that the time will come when all will appear before God and then God decides their life according to the way they have traversed and lived life and that’s when they realize that there is nothing and no one is stronger and just God, no love stronger than the love of solvent because he created us and no more it can not and is not able to love humanity because no one can love his creation of stronger Creator.
God offers us a correct and honest way that is passed should be forgiven our sins and be given eternal life in the kingdom of the Paradise of God, taking the path of God, and walking on it life becomes meaningful sense of the eternal life that the most important thing is taking belief in God in his heart and His walking on the path of life takes on a new meaning in the life of new values such as loyalty, love, kindness, compassion, truth, and all the positive things in life starts to become the main man and he understands that nothing is more correct than follow in the footsteps of Jesus and follow his teachings, and that only this way leads to the rescue!