Faith-our salvation and peace

Faith in God gives us strength to deal with the problems and troubles ,if we believe in God and earnestly pray to him that God hears our prayers and gives us a helping hand, and only faith can help us to overcome evil!
Some people go to church just because to show it to others but not enough to read the prayer is meaningless if a person truly believes
Remember the case about which the Bible says Moses, when faith has helped pass along the bottom of the ocean and the water went and opened the way for him because he truly believed in God!
In our prayers we referral to God and ask for his mercy and care for themselves and their loved ones and God always knows really, we appeal to him or not , trust , faith is always saved, and the stronger your faith the closer you become to God and let him in my life,never doubt God,he created us and everything else and only he can rule all!
For example, if you become hard,you have some sort of a problem and suddenly there is someone who helps you, you know it is sent by God because he sends us help in many ways,faith saved many, many sincere believer is healed,always finds a way out of difficult situation that the output,shows and sends God,because he loves us and we often ignore his commandments, in response to this love
No need to ask God for financial aid because He knows what we need and send us a trial order to see how strong our faith,ask for healing and peace of mind,the forgiveness of sins as the wealth of this world do not mean anything if you do not have It is God,the most expensive and valuable!
Many people today worship the idols, not realizing that God is one and there is no other besides him,people believe in idols and get nothing in return, and keep away from the true God!
We need each day to strengthen a belief in God and not for a moment admit that our faith is shattered,our only salvation is God and His Son Jesus Christ and our faith in God will lead us to eternal life in His Kingdom of Heaven
My friends,siblings,strengthen a belief in God, and please be true to his faith always,strengthen this faith in the hearts of the people around you and if you see that someone went astray try to get him back on the right track,we all support each obyazyanny each other and deepen our faith in God every day!
In the Name of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!