Faith and love

The two main feelings that should move the person always is the faith and love, the two feelings can create everything in one’s life the main faith and love in God, if a man loves God and believe in Him there is nothing in the world that can kill a person is feeling and become confident in itself because God is with him and he shows him the way and helps in life, if one believes in God and love him, he never sinned because he knows that sin is not acceptable to God and his faith and love will not allow him to commit a sinful act .
Faith gives a person confidence and inner strength gives people an incentive to go forward in the footsteps of Jesus and preach the word of God is always to teach people that they know the truth and tell them about God, the word of God to tell everyone, love unites with God, helps us to understand how beautiful the world the eyes of God, and how comfortable it will be to live without sin and evil, love and light the way without it is impossible to create a full life, faith and love always help a person at every stage of his life and is a necessary component for a happy life of every person, these two components are important in the family, at work, with friends, wherever you are, faith and love It is advisable to ensure that your life was good and beautiful.
The Bible also teaches us to faith and love, love of neighbor, love of others, love of nature, and even to his enemies because love can defeat any evil on earth, faith strengthens the self-confidence of man and brings him to God when a person truly believes in God then it is possible all because God can do anything, and nothing is impossible for Him, faith and love of the human soul is purified from evil, and evil can not dwell in a man if his heart is faith and love, because these two feelings are absolutely incompatible with evil and therefore evil never dwell in the heart and soul that they live in faith and love.
My dear friends, love your neighbor, love your friends and even enemies as evil and hatred breeds only evil and nothing else, with love and faith, you can overcome any evil, evil is powerless before the love and faith of man, because these two feelings the most powerful in human life and they defeat the evil, give love, and inspire confidence in those around you and the world around you is a nice, cozy and warm, battling the evil of your main weapon will be the faith and love that evil can never win with these feelings you will always overcome evil wherever you have not met him, do not feel sorry for her love and giving it and you will be given more love, and most importantly, believe in God and never doubt that God and Jesus are always with you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!