Church and Life

Great importance of the church in the life of the Christian church as a kind of school that teaches us life, helps in difficult situations, it is a place where we can always find comfort and understanding, where we always listen and give good advice, which always indicate the right path and out of difficult situation name of God.
Each of us comes to the church feels an aura that helps to relax and bring your thoughts to God and feel His greatness and closeness to God to open the heart to tell him about everything that disturbs the soul, the church is a place where there is always glad to your arrival, the place where everything breathes faith and God, where everything speaks of the power of God and His love, every icon looks at you and you find yourself in a world where there is no evil and hatred.
Necessarily attend church because the church teaches many things you need to know in life, the Church allows closer to God, and purification of the soul, but just goes to church does not make sense to go to church not to just show it to others and to instill faith in his soul, to be closer to God, talk to God and open your heart to God and Jesus, let faith in your heart and get back on the right path, and to live according to the word of God.Church has a huge role in our lives and in the strengthening of faith in man, the Church of the Name of God holds out a helping hand and listens to us.
Each church has members who regularly attend church and try to live by the Word of God and follow the right path, if anyone of you have not attended church is right now, go to the nearest church, pray to God for redemption, stay there, spend time there listen to the priest, and you will see that when you go out there you will be much easier, relief souls come to you and you will feel it, feel how to ease your soul, and how differently all around, the church makes it easier, helps to understand the life, which is good and what is bad, what can and what must not, the church helps to hear God and to be closer to him.
My friends turn around to God, become more kind and merciful, accept God into your heart, this will help the church and the Holy Bible, clean their souls, strengthen their faith because faith is the most important thing in life, faith saves man always and this belief strengthens the church and the Bible, God and Jesus is always with you, they always stretch out your hand to help, and one of a church that will accept you, and listen show right way, walk in the footsteps of Jesus, pray to God and accept the faith in their hearts, and all will be well!