Christianity is a religion that unites our hearts!

Christianity is a religion that unites our hearts and our souls ,she always taught us to be kind and merciful to each other,then we are in pain ,bad or difficult, we always cry out to God and ask him to help us and yuog always shows us a way out of difficult situations and give us a helping hand,If we sincerely pray to God and Sincerely believe in him, he is always with us and always helps us!
Christianity is a something that unites us all in our prayers and love of God,the religion and faith that calls us to do good to each other ,love God and follow his holy commandments, and love your neighbor and your enemy, and in any situation, be merciful and kind to the others,Christianity teaches us to love not only their neighbors and friends, = enemies but as we are all children of God and he created us all and we should respect each other no matter what and if a person sins that only God can judge him!
Christianity is a the doctrine to forgive each other because we, should,be able to forgive to live without it would be impossible because the anger and revenge are a sin and if we want to someone to avenge that either means we sin before God, because God teaches us to forgive because he he forgives us our sins, and this is an example for us,if we forgive each other more often live in the land will become much lngche because evil breeds only evil and good causes,good!
Christianity is a way to,prescribed to us by God,the way in which our sins have given their lives Jesus is the Son of God,the path that leads us to eternal life in the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ,we have to go on this way keeping the commandments of God, appreciating and loving it,God wants us to live without evil in peace and harmony, Is there anything more beautiful than this? Of course not, live helping each other, love each other without evil,it is so beautiful and it teaches us our religion!
Let us love one another and respect to help make the world more beautifu,following the commandments of God and his word
In the Name of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!