Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a sacred text of the motion of Latter dneychi another testimony of Jesus Christ.V Book of Mormon describes the steps Latter-day Saints, and many regard it as a sacred text. This book contains the writings of ancient prophets who lived on the American continent from approximately 2200 BC. e. at 421, first published in March 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr., called “The Book of Mormon: The words written by hand of Mormon upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi┬╗ (The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi, the book shows and talks about many of the events described in the Bible, the fall of Adam and Eve, the coming of Jesus Christ, and much more.
The Book of Mormon is a sacred book of scripture, it shows Jesus Christ, explains and describes the sacred works of the Lord and the people in the time of ancient America, the Saints and still believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, too, and this book is a testament to and support of the Holy Bible, so many and now believe the Book of Mormon holy book.
The Book of Mormon as well as in the Bible scriptures collected dreanih prophets, but the prophets who lived on the territory of ancient America, at the command of God, they were all going on record, so they were chronicle teachings, prophecies, and missionary work, because of this we have today and we know the “knowledge about the affairs of the Lord in other lands, among people of old.”
Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith that the Book of Mormon is the story of a fallen people, and it will serve as teaching to people today, in these days when the earth has accumulated so much evil and injustice, when people are so badly needed help to change their mind and it is today as the Book of Mormon and the Bible is trying to instill in the minds of people so that people understand that evil and sin will destroy the world and their tozhe.The Book of Mormon members of the Church of Jesus Christ believe the word of God along with the Holy Bible, the Doctrine and Covenants.
The Book of Mormon is named after the prophet of ancient America, the purpose of the book is that people remember how much God has done for them in those days, and most importantly make sure that people have seen, and never doubted that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!