Believe in Jesus

Jesus Christ is our Savior and our patron who gave their lives to redeem our sins and gave us life, faith in Jesus is very important in our life, with faith all things are possible so always believe in Jesus and dedicate your life to Him.
Jesus has always helped us, he did everything so that people opened their eyes and accepted the truth, accepted God into their hearts and repent of their sins, He always taught us that the pleasure and joy of this world are temporary and that the true life in the kingdom of God and faith in Jesus and God is the way to eternal life and faith so important in the life of every person, every faith is meaningless.
Believe in Jesus and God if you want to be among the elect whom God gives life and raise vechnuy to his kingdom, during the earthly life of Jesus Christ to His disciples and those who followed him to the end, and he believed in Jesus have found eternal life and now they are in the kingdom of God Jesus wants to be our life was good, he wants to be in the world there was no pain and the building, He watches over us and is always there in difficult times and everyone helps so how strong faith.
Jesus is the Son of God who gave himself for us and for our salvation, he believed and believes in us and in the fact that mankind has learned to live right, he believes in you and why you believe in Jesus and God, Jesus will always help you and extend a hand if you difficult importantly make your faith was strong, the main thing that people let God into your life, believe in Jesus and God and you will be saved, and will be elected will get to a heavenly kingdom where God appears before you is completely different, wonderful life in which there is no pain and evil .
My friends, our Savior Jesus believes in us and in the fact that people fix and repent of their sins, the people shall go down in my life the word of God, Jesus really wants us all to get into the heavenly kingdom of God, because He loves us so much that He gave for us life, but God loves us so much that He gave His only Son for our sins and we must justify it, we have to justify the trust and expectations of God and Jesus, we need to correct, repent and accept the word of God in the our hearts so help us God!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!