Be in heaven

To be in heaven with God is the maximum dream of every true Christian, a true believer in God, and it is possible!
Jesus was resurrected after death and ascended to heaven with God now watching out for us, for our actions that we make our every step, and he really wants us to live their lives according to the commandments of God and have found eternal life in heaven
Jesus every day helps us keep on the right path, it shows the path us and leads to eternal life, but much depends on us, because we should have a strong faith and a sincere desire to serve God and walk in His way, in this case, we will be forgiven our sins and God will take us into His heavenly kingdom, and give us eternal life!
Be in heaven in the kingdom of our Father is a great honor to receive only sincere believers, those who follow the path of God and has a strong faith, whether because of the temporary earthly pleasures unsubscribe from grace to be in heaven in the realm of solvent? Of course not, because all the earth is temporary and sooner or later it’s over and everyone will appear before God, and then had come the main and decisive moment of life, that’s when God will decide what to do with you and everyone will be given what he deserved, which is why we do not need for the pleasure of sin in this life that can at any moment is over, we need to think about what we stand before God and do everything to earn the honor to be in heaven with the Father in His kingdom!
When Jesus was crucified on the cross with him they crucified two criminals, think like one, and at the last minute they genuinely believed in God and Jesus told him, ,,Today you will with me in the kingdom of the Father,, and had forgiven him his sins, and Jesus took it with him , this shows once again how can save the sincere and firm faith!
God loves us all and He wants us to live eternally in His kingdom, we are all His creation and He gives us a chance to repent and get on the right path and be in heaven with Him and not lose this chance!
My friends, think well, think about where you admit mistakes and you have to change in your life until you get up late in the true path of God that leads to eternal life, and God help you!
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen