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The World God Only He is the Father

  Our God the Almighty, but He is the only God and Creator of the World and we should always remember it well. Many of achieving in life then they forget about God and begin to think that if they have the money then they need nothing more, but you are forgetting the main thing, … Continue reading

Man in the hole

If you fall into a pit remember Jesus is always with you and will give you a hand with how difficult it was not you vsegdamryadom believe in him and your faith will save you jesus will always help, and God will never leave us in trouble and we will always be saved if the … Continue reading

what is love?

Love is a wonderful feeling that God gave every living thing on earth,no love life has no meaning,the world around seems cold and colorless,love,warms our hearts our souls and makes the world more beautiful and brighter Love can be different for parents, love,love of brothers and sisters ,love ,a loved one husband or wife, love … Continue reading

That’s My King

Always and everywhere, day and night ,home and at work , family and friends,remember , jesus is always with you , he always sees you and watching you , try to always do good to help others,you people because you will be rewarded for it in heaven jesus loves you ,Amen!

The best video ever!!!

Let’s not be indifferent to each other ,help each other than we can, and if there is someone bad let’s make all to help and make life more beautiful and more enjoyable