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God Teaches Parent’s Love

God teaches us to love and respect our parents and always sympathetic to him, respect parents, it is our duty, they bore us into this world and we should be grateful for it, we should respect our parents and help them, God loves us and Jesus loves us and teaches love and respect my friends … Continue reading


The doors of Paradise are opened for everyone who realized his sins and repented of them, Jesus forgives the repentant and takes to itself, let the God and Jesus in your heart, let the faith and know the truth, stand on the right path for you to open the doors of heaven and God bless … Continue reading

Inspiring Story

Remember Jesus is always there when you have trouble, he always keeps your hand and support you in difficult times, Jesus is always hands you a helping hand, even if you do not notice that you remember he is always there, it helps you with the other, he always sees when hard for you and … Continue reading

this true love story

True love knows no boundaries, it is selfless and strong, when you truly love you willing to do for a loved one, love the brightest t beautiful feeling gift from God to people, take care of love and do not ever hurt each other, protect each other and bless you God!

Parent’s Love

Dear parents, always take time to their children, everything has its place, even after a hard day take the time to their children, it is ry important in life, always remember that your child needs your attention, warmth and support!

One day

Each passing day brings us to God and we should be grateful for it. If your day was unfortunate not worry, thank God for everything that happens happens by His will, thank God for all that he sends to you for the path to eternal life is long and difficult, and without going through the … Continue reading

Why are woman crying?

God created woman to a man she created together with the family, the woman God put a lot of responsibilities and a woman plays a huge role in our lives Why women often cries? Because she is very sensitive to everything, she gives the most love of others, it is a caring and loving creature, … Continue reading

Mother’s Love

We should love and respect their,parents whatever they were,because they have grown and our God teaches us to love and respect their parents!