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Say to God I’m sorry

Never too late to say to God, “I’m sorry ..” Always remember that you can ask God and Jesus for forgiveness and repent of their bad deeds, to realize their actions and turn to God and to Jesus in repentance and God and Jesus certainly forgive you if your repentance will be

God hears the prayers

God hears the prayers of any whisper of a sincere heart. When your prayer comes from the heart of God and Jesus always hear it when you live in the heart faith when your heart sincerely turn to God and Jesus, your prayer is always reach the heavens yes to God and Jesus, and they … Continue reading

Only God will understand us

Remember that no one will ever understand you as God and Jesus, never get discouraged, even when you are very hard and it seems that no one will understand you refer to God and Jesus, pray and talk to God and that Jesus is bothering you, what does not you peace, pray with a pure … Continue reading

Turn to God

When you feel that you have difficulty, please refer to God, pray with all your heart and God and Jesus will help you sure, God and Jesus always hears the prayers of those who sincerely believe the prayers of those who find it difficult and who need help, God and Jesus always close and will … Continue reading

God exists

If you know that God exists, show it with his life. Live as the will of God and Jesus, do not sin, do good, try to make people around you joy and love, try to never tell anyone not to envy and desire of evil, remember that there is a God, and God, Jesus always … Continue reading

Forget the insults

Forget the insults, but never forget kindness. Remember, resentment allways brings pain and kindness brings happiness, so always do good and never let anyone hurt, do good around you and it’s good to never be forgotten by God and Jesus, God and Jesus always remember the good things, try

Have people who are praying for you!

Always do good and try to live so that people were praying for you, it is a great happiness when you have people who are praying for you and asking God for you, you’re doing good, causes the souls of men and heat, this heat stays with the person for a long time and sometimes … Continue reading

Prayer – the most powerful thing on earth

Prayer – the most powerful thing on earth that can change any circumstance. The prayer that comes from the heart can work wonders and life-changing, if a person truly praying with all my heart that the God of Jesus and hear his prayers and always help, your prayers will never remain unheard if you

God sees all

Do not try to hide anything from God and Jesus, God and Jesus, and everyone can see and if you can hide something from people that remember that nothing ever will be able to hide from God, God sees and knows everything, every step you take, even the thought of what is of God and … Continue reading

Faith is the strongest

Faith is the most powerful sense of human faith can work miracles, it is strong and helps people around, if a person is living faith in God and Jesus, and if a person truly believes that it overcomes the most difficult obstacles, it becomes a strong belief strengthens a person always.