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What can make love?

  Love is one of the largest and most important senses that God gave to man, which help a person to live and exist without which human life has no meaning. Love is the feeling that accompanies a man to death, and that is not never lost, love is different but each of their love … Continue reading

The richness of life

A man’s life is made up of moments and impressions of what he saw and heard, made of cases to which they make the rich man’s life, his soul, and good works, no amount of money will replace the love and friendship, trust and understanding, no wealth can not be compared with the fact that … Continue reading

Thank God and Jesus

God is our Creator and our Father in Heaven, He created us and all conditions so we can live and evolve, so we have everything for the good life on earth and for us to live well until stand before God to go to the spiritual life. Conditions created for human life are beautiful, magnificent … Continue reading

Hearth love

In the life of every person is important and love seat, the center of love is a place where you feel that you love, where your heart feels warm and comfortable where you are and where you gleefully happy. God is the seat of love and family, friends and strangers, who give you the love … Continue reading


Justice is a very important part of life that God requires of us, which God and Jesus taught us, which plays an important role in human life. To be fair it is to be right and to honor and respect the laws of God always and everywhere to be only on the side of righteousness … Continue reading

True feelings

God created man and gave him the ability to feel a sense of visiting rights and are always with him, they are different and each of them plays an important role in human life. Each reflects a sense of their rights, God gave man a good feeling but over time people developed confidence and the … Continue reading

Love and loyalty

Loyalty and love are the main constituents of the family and Christianity. When creating a family and its sequel are the most important components and feeling the love and loyalty, they provide comfort and grace in the family, as well as the most important in the faith and love for God is faithful to him, … Continue reading

Love in the family

Family and God are two important things in life, the family should be based on love and start a family should always be in love because if you create a family without love, then she does not have a bright future, where the family love for each other and love for God this family is … Continue reading

The purpose of life

Each of us lives with a life purpose, each has its own purpose in life that he wants to achieve and when it reaches the set itself another target and so indefinitely, without a goal is not the meaning of life but the main goal of life is God and closeness to God. On the … Continue reading

Communion with God

Prayer is turning to God and a way to communicate with God and Jesus, each person should pray to God and thank Him for passing day, bread and water, which God gave to the health of family and friends, for all that God and Jesus do for us. Prayers are different, but each contains a … Continue reading