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Love and support

  Caring for others is what’s being taught us God and Jesus. Everyone should take care of their neighbors and help them. Never wish people bad, never think about how to make anyone ill, always try to do well and take care of people surrounding you, your family and friends. Often, many

Live without envy

  Envy destroys man , envious people often fraught with anger that does not give him no rest . When a person is jealous of someone he sins before God , because God tells us not to envy . Envy leads a


One of the main human emotions, which helps him to live and survive in difficult times is hope. Hope always helps a person when he’s hard, losing hope man loses faith because these two senses are interrelated. Hope lives in man until the end, she gives him the strength to fight and go forward, hope … Continue reading

Purity of Heart

The heart and soul of man is his main identifiers , if a person has a pure heart and soul of this means that it can not be evil , bad and envious . Human heart says it all about him , purity of heart and the soul of man is measured by his actions, … Continue reading

Love is great feeling

  Love is a great feeling, God gave us the feeling that brings the warmth, joy and happiness, a feeling that makes us different, makes us kind and merciful to each other, love gives joy of life without love, life loses all meaning, God and Jesus taught us to love one another because love does … Continue reading

Go to the light

Go to the light always , try to get round the darkness and temptation , never resist the temptation of the dark, remember that light is God and Jesus is the light of love and kindness , the light is the way to eternal life in the kingdom of God , the light is your … Continue reading

Kidness and love

Kindness and loveToday, when the world is a lot of evil and sin, it is important to spread kindness and love, these feelings are able to defeat the evil and destroy it, evil is powerless to love and kindness. God teaches us to always treat each other with love, even when committed against us evil.Each … Continue reading

Life is beautiful

Life that God has given us wonderful and beautiful if each of us will live it correctly, if each of us will do in life, only good things and to live as God teaches this. Every stage of life is another step forward for the Kingdom of God, if we live life right at the … Continue reading

Love each other

Pure love and a strong sense that is given to man in order that his life was beautiful and correct. Jesus on earth gave love to all, He gave love in his sermons, in his teachings, in healing people and the forgiveness of sins, the people He gave a great love of humanity and sacrificed … Continue reading

Good and evil

Good and evil are always fighting with each other and are always there on the ground, during the existence of good and evil, humanity has always faced and good always wins, and wins will win because good comes from God and the good God bless. Good makes people closer to God, it helps people and … Continue reading