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Jesus pictures

Jesus pictures, many people have tried and are trying to use them for our understanding of Jesus, how he is. One thing is certain, Jesus is the greatest of all the inhabitants of the earth, he is the embodiment of goodness and wisdom, he is the savior and protector of mankind, and He loves us! … Continue reading

Jesus with baby

Jesus with baby Jesus loves children and always takes care of them, you see and know a lot of pictures where Jesus with baby or children, it is a symbol of great love of Jesus to the children, he guardian and protector of children and their drug.Jesus loves children as well as all of us … Continue reading

Jesus Is the way

Jesus is the way that leads us to eternal life in the kingdom of God, following Jesus and in His way, we obtain remission of sins and the mercy of God that gives us the eternal and perfect life in the kingdom of heaven, always remember God and Jesus love us!  

God is Love

God is love, God’s love is so strong that he gave his only Son, Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. God’s Love is limitless and she is with us wherever we are, God loves us and gives us His great love, and we must believe in Him and accept this love in your … Continue reading