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The family – a place where you are taking this way you are!

The place where you are always welcome, the family is a God-given happiness that you have to take care of the family is the place where you can always find people who will understand you and help you, the family is the people who always lend a helping hand and will accept you as

Love, appreciate, take care of their parents!

Love your parents, appreciate and take care of them, God and Jesus taught us that we should love and respect their parents, the Bible tells us that each of us has to respect and love their parents, the parents brought us out into the world, even if you do not have the best relationship with … Continue reading

Family warmth

Each person feels comfortable and cozy he is among his relatives and friends, among his friends and acquaintances, family, for man is the people who are living through with it, give warmth and comfort, together experiencing grief and joy. Appreciate and cherish your family must each and everyone should remember that God and Jesus taught … Continue reading

Parental duty

In this article we want to talk about the parental duty to God and Jesus. Unfortunately frequent facts when parents leave their children and abandon them for various reasons, but whatever the reason it was not a grave sin, it is a huge guilt before God and Jesus. A child is a gift of God, … Continue reading

Father and family

His father is a man who carries a great responsibility for the family and for its future, the father is very important in human life because the love of his father, his prestige and value play an important role in the development of the child and the family in the education of children, the father … Continue reading

Love for the mother

A mother’s love and the love of the mother is very strong and pure love that connects mother and her child, God teaches us that love, Jesus always said, and tells us that we have to take care of his mother and her love for no one can love as a mother and give motherly … Continue reading