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Soul needs a prayer

Soul needs prayer, pray always, and purifies his soul , prayer cleanses the soul and heart, it clears the mind , and pray always refer to God and Jesus tells them that you are concerned that you have in mind , prayer is always easier and gives incentive always helps you. Remember, do not ever … Continue reading

Power of Bible

The Bible is the Word of God that is sent to us so that we can investigate and understand life in which good and evil where. The Bible teaches us to live, it is a book that is given to us as a manual for life and help us to live properly. In life there … Continue reading

The Word of God

The word of God is the most real of all that is on earth and in heaven, the Word of God is the doctrine of our Lord and His word is the Bible that is given to man so that he could focus in life and understand what life is and how to live it … Continue reading

About Bible

The Bible is the sacred book submitted to us through the prophets and apostles of the Bible thousands of years.I can say a lot good about Bible of word of God and the life of a textbook, the Bible was written today to the word of God came to the people, in every heart, every … Continue reading

The Scripture Bible

The Scripture Bible are very important in everyone’s life, they bring knowledge and power in our souls, help us to find and know the truth and believe in our Heavenly Father, each row of the writings of the Bible makes our faith stronger and brings us closer to God! Many homes have a Bible, but … Continue reading

Is it sin

My friends, do you know what sin is and when we sin person often suffers from not knowing this because many can not understand what sin is, a person suffers not only acts but often he suffers mentally without realizing it, we will try to explain to you what sin Sin is an act of … Continue reading

The book of life is Bible

The Bible is the Word of God, is transmitted to us from hand to hand on from generation to generation, the Bible is a book which is the most translated and translated into many languages, the Bible teaches us to live by the Word of God and gives us the reality and existence of our … Continue reading

To be in Christ means to live forever

The Bible teaches us to live the commandments of God and let God into your heart and be in Christ is not sinning and doing bad things! To be in Christ means to let Christ into our lives in your heart, love , god and live by his commandments , to be in Christ means … Continue reading