To be in Christ means to live forever

The Bible teaches us to live the commandments of God and let God into your heart and be in Christ is not sinning and doing bad things!
To be in Christ means to let Christ into our lives in your heart, love , god and live by his commandments , to be in Christ means to devote his life to God and to spread the word of God as Jesus did,helping people in need ,to protect the weak and innocent and follow the path of God’s
Many people think that only the exponential behavior is enough but it is not ,God be in my heart and only then will the sins are forgiven and God will accept you.
Jesus Christ give for us his life in the throes of why we should not appreciate the sacrifice and live by the word of God as did Jesus Christ , we should be able to be in Christ, and to honor and respect God’s way and only then we will have eternal life in the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ!
My friends will become kinder to each other help each other ,not into temptation, and save each other from harm, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” is bequeathed to us by God and that means that we must take care to love each other and then the whole world will become warmer and beautiful!
Imagine how good is if there is evil and envy ,how easy and comfortable to live would be , it is so beautiful and we can if each of us become kinder and more merciful to the people around him and then God will give us eternal life with Jesus and a ,Christ if we are to live according to God’s commandments, we will have calm and colorful life on earth and eternal life in heaven because God and Jesus love us and watching us from heaven.
Let us live in peace and harmony ,goodness ,support each other and help those in need will extend a hand to those , who need our help and put the wayward to the right path, let the light in our souls and get rid of sin, and so help us God!
In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!
From Jesus Plus