The Word of God

The word of God is the most real of all that is on earth and in heaven, the Word of God is the doctrine of our Lord and His word is the Bible that is given to man so that he could focus in life and understand what life is and how to live it then to come the kingdom of God and to be blessed. Each person must know the Word of God and respect him, to know what God is teaching us. The word of God is the most sacred thing in life, the Bible gives us the word of God and brings it up to us so that we may know God and believe in Him. Truth, faith and love are the three main things that the Bible teaches us and the Word of God, His word comes to people thousands of years later and everyone should hear him to know the truth and to follow the right path.
Faith in God and knowledge of His word is the most important thing in life, people know the word of God and having faith in his heart and finds the truth is on the right path, the Word of God helps a person in the knowledge of the true values and real life in the kingdom of God. The Bible begins with the words, In the beginning was the Word, it is said with the Word of God, of His supreme power and importance in human life, the Word of God always saves the world and rescues today, people know the word of God and to let God into your life and know the truth embarked on the right path that leads to the eternal kingdom of God.
Word of God led Jesus and gave him the strength to save people and help them spread the word of Jesus is God everywhere where he was and did miracles name of God, wherever He taught and preached the word of God spread, and taught to him. Jesus always taught the people, and called to know God and His Word to save and find the true path, and today Jesus calls people to know God and His Word because only this will save people and only this highest honor bestowed on him to get into the kingdom of God. Knowledge and teaching the Word of God is the salvation and purification of the heart and soul, is peace and joy, it is the true path leading to the kingdom of God that leads to eternal life.
The Bible reveals man the way that God blesses and that leads to the kingdom of God, the Bible teaches man to know the truth and gives spiritual knowledge needed long knowledge of God and the true way, God gives us His Word in the Bible and use it to show us the true way, the Bible conveys to us that what is taught God and Jesus shows us the way that God has to us and which we must pass to reach the highest honor to get into the kingdom of God and to know the true spiritual life. People who do not know the word of God and accept God in his heart will never fall into His kingdom so everyone should believe and hear the Word of God and accept Him into your heart and get back on the right track and will honor the blessings of God.
My dear friends, to know the word of God and open your heart to Him, the Word of God is the truth that must understand and accept everyone and then he will find the right path and will be praised and blessed God, acknowledge and accept the Word of God and brings him to all that all know the truth and stand on the right path, near to God, and remember God and Jesus love us!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!