The Scripture Bible

The Scripture Bible are very important in everyone’s life, they bring knowledge and power in our souls, help us to find and know the truth and believe in our Heavenly Father, each row of the writings of the Bible makes our faith stronger and brings us closer to God!
Many homes have a Bible, but it never even opens up and it is wrong, God will never know if you do not know the scriptures and His word the Bible is the word of God and studying and reading her entire essence we let God into our hearts, our souls and become closer for Him
The Bible is Holy Scripture book which through the ages has come down to us through the Apostles as gospel, she came to us so that we could know the truth, to learn more about our founder and eternal life in heaven, the Scripture Bible teaches us how Exactly the right to live according to God’s will , teaches us a life without sin and evil, tells us about Jesus’ life, and much more, so the Bible and her writings are considered saints, the Bible was given to us by God as a textbook study of the life that we are on the right path by which we go to eternal life in the kingdom of God!
The prophets and apostles creating scriptures believed that they would reach the present day, and give us knowledge of God and in fact today, in every Christian family around the world are the Bible scriptures and it brings joy and light in our homes, teach us pleasing to God and life childhood lead us in God’s ways are always the Bible scriptures dayuttotvety for interesting and disturbing questions have always helped us find the truth and become a regular for yourself and for God!
After reading and studying the Bible and its scriptures, you will learn the will of God and know yourself, God gave us life gave us the book of life that teaches us how to live this life pavilno and get into the kingdom of God where we will be given eternal life with the Father and the Son, so Every day we have to follow the Biblical scriptures, and every day is getting closer to God!
My friends, never ignore the Sacred Scripture and the commandments of the Bible, always follow them live by the will of God, loving each other and not doing evil, and you will be given for the best, eternal life in the kingdom of God!
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen