The book of life is Bible

The Bible is the Word of God, is transmitted to us from hand to hand on from generation to generation, the Bible is a book which is the most translated and translated into many languages, the Bible teaches us to live by the Word of God and gives us the reality and existence of our world and the main book and the life of any Christian’s textbook is Bible.
The bible written for thousands of years, and each of the Gospel teaches us to live and gives us the events of that time, about the life of Jesus our God, the miracles which he did in the Name of God, tells us what is wrong and what is good!
In the Bible, Christian families begin to read and learn from an early age, and favorite book in the Christian family is the Bible, the Holy Book is submitted to us by God through the apostles and saints, each Gospel is unique and contains material of all life, so reading the Bible in your life to change the views of many You’ll see a lot of that before that it was difficult to understand, step by step, the Bible teaches us life giving real examples!
In all Christian churches as the main book is Bible, the Christian world loves and reveres this book because it’s not just a book, it is the Word of God must know that every true Hristianin.Bibliya teaches us that it is necessary and possible to do in life and what you can not do, she also explains the essence of each of God’s instruction and teaches us to walk correctly on a flat but narrow path because this path will lead us into the kingdom of God and all who follow this path will be forgiven and rewarded with eternal life next to God and Jesus in their kingdom where there is no evil, hatred, pain and revenge where nothing is wrong with this teaching is the Bible!
My friends, if some of you have someone who has not read this Great Book of Life does not waste a minute, take her in hand and read, It will teach you the Word of God, life will teach and show the path that will lead you to God, the Bible will help you overcome all the bad, it will reveal the secrets of life, and if you truly believe that stand on the right path, the path of God!
Do not forget God and Jesus is always with us, they always with you and never think that they have left you because they will never leave you if your faith is strong!
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!