Is it sin

My friends, do you know what sin is and when we sin
person often suffers from not knowing this because many can not understand what sin is, a person suffers not only acts but often he suffers mentally without realizing it, we will try to explain to you what sin
Sin is an act of man against his will and guidance of God, it does not matter really, he is sinning or mentally, because sin is contrary to any wrong act of God, and you should be able to control their thoughts and not to sin
Envy, anger, revenge, and nedobrozhelaniya, thoughts of betrayal, it’s a sin if someone got a good thing or someone more fortunate than you and you are jealous, it’s a sin, because everything that happens is the will of the rich if you are what you jealous means you do not want this to happen and then you are contradicting the will of God and that sin
If you keep on whom the evil is sin, because anger makes a bad do, do hurt people, hurt and humiliate them, and God teaches us to love each other,helped each other and be kind and anger is it sin
Revenge is a sin, if you want to take revenge on someone that means you have forgotten that the only judge is God.If you decide to take revenge on someone that means you reject the validity of trust him, it is a sin because you have to believe in God and be sure He shall reward every man, God teaches us to forgive each other so revenge is it sin
Many of the thoughts of sin to lie with someone in bed, it is a sin, God tells us to love a husband and wife, and when it happens we were married before God, we give the oath of allegiance and even if we admit the mind is a betrayal of those who wants to greh.If go to bed so it does not connect who marriage is a sin because it is wrong and is contrary to God’s will
In the Ten Commandments clearly states what actions are a sin, if each of us will live by these commandments is sin, there would be no life on earth will be beautiful, if a man will not sin, then there will be murders, rapes, and evil, we told you in This article about the mental sin, and sin is real deeds, too often the case, and to learn more about it read the Bible and the Ten Commandments it clearly states what sin is and what actions are a sin
My friends, think about it, is sin, and stands to lose eternal life in the kingdom of God, as much more beautiful to live according to God’s word and find happiness and peace.Many peoples sin for the sake of a moment of pleasure and lose their chance at eternal life in the kingdom of God, if someone suffers and you do not see it pass by, try to explain to people that sin is bad and what this means, obey God and then everything will be fine
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen