God Loving

God Loving.

God Loving.

“God is love”. (The Holy Bible, 1 John 4: 8)

This is a quality that God loves humans and (more…)

Real faith is expressed not just in words

Imagine that you have a great plot, in which you are planting potatoes each year. And all of a sudden one day you will find out that, according to geological studies in the area where is located your plot, deep underground, should be gold deposits. Do you believe it? Perhaps you will say: “Yes, I … Continue reading

Prayer To God

Prayer is petition to God, to the highest Person in the universe to the one who created all the existing. We at times it is difficult to imagine how we can turn to the one who created the universe. If you want to

The forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ.

Before each person’s choice: -or to continue to live their lives as before, -or to respond to God’s love shown through Jesus Christ. Choices in life Read the following quotations from the Bible and think about them. “Christ, to bring us to God, once suffered for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous our, being put … Continue reading

Christ suffered on the cross for our sins.

To save us, son of God, Jesus Christ became man. God was born a little child on Earth. Jesus lived the same life which we live. He experienced hunger, misery, pain, suffering. But in one of his life differed from ours: Jesus in his life never sinned. The crucifixion of Jesus on

The Essence Of Christianity

  God loves man. God loves us and he wants to make our lives truly happy. It is written in the Bible:

How do you imagine God

How do you imagine God , what is he? Someone had the idea of ​​God of paintings depicting such a good old man on a cloud . And someone synonymous with God , which he saw on the icon in the temple. But what God really ? Of course , the most accurate description would … Continue reading

The life of Jesus

Jesus’ life was as amazing as his birth . At age 30 he went to wander through the cities of Israel , and he began to teach and heal people . But his teaching was radically different from the teachings of all the other teachers and preachers . The Bible says : “People astonished at … Continue reading

Support each other

Rescue each other from trouble always, always take care of their neighbors , and deliver them from all evil . The trouble is always there , one never knows when it will strike , nobody knows when it will come close to hurt you and your neighbors , and

Love and support

  Caring for others is what’s being taught us God and Jesus. Everyone should take care of their neighbors and help them. Never wish people bad, never think about how to make anyone ill, always try to do well and take care of people surrounding you, your family and friends. Often, many